The first step to design a coin or medal begins with the request of a client. We start designed with, ideas, photographs, drawings, different fonts, etc. After the design is obtained, we send it to the client for his approval. Then we proceed to make the sculpture; a modeling clay base over an acrylic disk with the required characteristics, dimensions (four or five times bigger than the coin or medal), etc..

We make two steps in order to have the sculpture in a hard material. The first on is to make a silicon rubber casting over the clay material obtaining thus a mold with exact details from the sculpture but in negative and after that, epoxy resin is casting over the silicon rubber letting a hard sculpture in positive.

In an automatic order reduction machine (pantograph) the hard sculpture is placed on the model head and a steel cylinder is placed in the reduction head, wich will recive the reduction from the sculpture. Once the reduction finish a master die is obtained, then the engraver retouched the piece, giving details that where left in the reduction. Thereinafter, that the piece has been retouched, we start the thermal treatment and that it can acquire hardness. The master die will be stamped in other steel, a die that is commanded to scheme with the required geometry, depending on the press in the one it will be coined.

Once the die is done according the press specifications, we send it to the engraving department in order to finish with the details, Ended this process, it is send in to thermal treatment and are delivered to the polish area, in which the finishing requested by the client will be made, (bullion, proof, etc.) ready to enter into the coinage press.


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