To have your own coin may need a great effort, however it will cause a great advertising success.

The reason is simple.

Coins are so beautiful that they have an irresistible charm and a great historical value. For centuries, humanity has been conditioned to the value of the coins. The public accepts them universally as a way of change, however they are also used with as a hoarding purpose.

In EXCELENCIA NUMISMATICA MEXICO, S. A. DE C. V. you can take advantage of the public passion for coins by minting yours. It is exciting, and could be extremely profitable.

A special coin can show your company's name or its logo. It's perfect for increasing your sales, in fund collections, and as recognition prize or of stimuli and rewards. A special coin will be a continuous advertising for your company; nobody will reject it.



Large corporations and small businesses have found that special coins can show their logo or the company's facade and thus to increase the promotion of itself. Special coins in Gold and Silver are productive when they are used to commemorate special events; as an anniversary, an opening or a congress.


Special coins do not have comparison when they are used as an incentive, prize or recognition. Always they will have demand and they will never be obsolete. Its high value and collection desire will leave a great impression.


Altruistic organizations can collect thousands of dollars when they use special coins. A special coin can have a patriotic or religious symbol, a celebrity or a historical place, which will create a great interest from the donor's part. They will fall in love with the beauty, symbolism and value of the coin.


There are million of collectors in the world who are anxious of new coin emissions. Special coin marketing can be very affordable if they commemorate historical events; a well recognized celebrity bust, or recreational art.

The possibilities are unlimited.


We offer professional services that will help you to finish successfully a special coin project.

Our professionals have years of experience in the minting industry. With them you can consult the best strategy for your company, in order to plan your special coin project, from the beginning to the end.

Our gifted art department can design your coin. Working close with you, they can draw your logo, photograph or preliminary design and turn it into a spectacular artwork ready for engraving.

These services will not cost you.

Once you have ordered your special coin, we guarantee you a fast production. This efficiency is our letter of introduction and the reason of our success. Our clients appreciate the ability with which we accomplished our commitments.

Usually we make the dies and send your special coin six weeks latter after your order. The following requests can be ready in four weeks. The price that you pay for your special coins depends on the design and the quantity.

We mint mostly in precious metals: gold and silber, but we can mint in industrial metals like brass, copper, etc., and in quality:


This is the most possible top quality in coin. Our "PROOF" is absolutely clean, with mirror field and dull details. This quality is the most wanted by the collectors. The "PROOF" finish requires of a special treatment and additional processes in the minting. Coin blanks -metallic disks before the minting- are annealing, polished and placed individually in the minting press, it is given double blow, and after that they are immediately placed in acrylic capsules.

This quality is one of the most selected by organizations that are used to the best.


These pieces are minted quickly with an automatic machine and without caring small details. Any way, it is a comparable quality product to the currency coin. Normally they are used as tokens for the massive distribution, and like investment coins.


Excelencia Numismática is dedicated to offer you not only best quality product, but also the most complete service. From the beginning until the end, we can offer you professional assistance for your special coin selection.

We also have a great variety of acrylic capsules in different sizes, acrylic cases, wood or velvet for each necessity, that go according to the excellent quality of our special coins.

Who knows, maybe in 2.000 years more someone will admire your special coin.

It is a winning formula that can work for you.

Call us now to discover the exciting experience of creating your own special coin. This could be a powerful tool that your company can use.


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