Excelencia Numismatica is a young company founded in 1991, however, its staff relies on more than thirty years of international experience in the area of coins mintage.

Our staff was the first to develop the "PROOF" system in Mexico (coin finish, special coin or commemorative medal used in highly developed countries in coin manufacture).

Our motto is Excellence, achieved with a totally equipped production plant and with a staff dedicated to the creation of the finest special coins, medals and commemoratives.

We are continually striving to develop the cutting edge technology needed in order to comply with the requirements of organizations, companies, universities, municipalities or governments, thus introducing new products, inside the market.

Additionally to special coins, we can produce a wide variety of products in Gold and Silver. For example: we can produce special "PROOF" for collectors, legal tender coins for other countries, special medallions, jewelery, silver for investors, sculpture, etc.

Our continuous success is due to prompt response, superior finish, knowledge and dedication; a winning formula for our customers.

Contact us now to discover the exciting experience of creating your own special coin. This can be a powerfull tool for your company.

Please note our own Mint Mark: Mx

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